Partnership Scheme

A Partnership to deliver the future of Medical Cannabis.

Rokshaw Medical Cannabis Partnership Scheme

In partnership with Rokshaw, community pharmacies will be able to enter this growing market in the UK using our patient referral scheme. Community pharmacies across the UK will be able to enter the medical cannabis market with confidence, having the right specialists available for your patients and delivering UK manufactured treatment at an affordable price. 

We will provide necessary resources for your pharmacy to ensure that you have everything you need to identify the correct patients for this scheme such as:

How it works


Pharmacy identifies suitable patient

Patient completes referral form in the pharmacy or at home

Patient is referred to specialist clinic for an initial consultation

If eligible, patient is prescribed medical cannabis for their condition

Clinic sends the private prescription to the partner pharmacy to order with Rokshaw

Rokshaw manufactures medical cannabis treatment in state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Sunderland

Medication delivered to the pharmacy on a next day delivery service

Join our Partnership Scheme to deliver the future of Medical Cannabis

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