About Medical Cannabis

One of the biggest emerging markets in UK medicine.

Medical Cannabis Explained

Medical cannabis, often referred to as cannabis-based medicinal products (CBPMs), relates to any products manufactured to a pharmaceutical grade that derives from cannabis.

The cannabis plant, containing over 120 cannabinoids, interact with the Endo-Cannabinoid system (ECS) that exists throughout the human central nervous system.

The most common cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant is CBD & THC. 

In partnership with Sapphire Institute for Medical Cannabis Education, extensive education resources can be found through their platform.

Medical Cannabis in the UK

In November 2018, medical cannabis was made legal and available for private prescription in the UK. 

Medical Cannabis prescriptions are currently issued by specialist doctors and clinics and can be considered for patients who have exhausted all traditional methods of treatment for range of indications.

Rokshaw work with a number of specialist clinics and prescribers in the UK, who are providing their patients with medical cannabis treatment

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