About Rokshaw Medical Cannabis

Rokshaw Laboratories

In August 2020, Rokshaw became the first manufacturer of full spectrum EU-GMP medical cannabis in the UK.

With our range of UK manufactured full spectrum oils and flower products, containing varying levels of THC & CBD content, Rokshaw is making medical cannabis more accessible and affordable than ever before!

Our MHRA Approved state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, backed by the Rokshaw quality management system (QMS) and a highly trained and experienced team of staff ensures outstanding product quality without compromising on a service second-to-none.

EMMAC Life Sciences Group, Europe’s largest independent cannabis company

Rokshaw is part of EMMAC Life Sciences Group, bringing together pioneering science and research with cutting-edge cultivation, extraction and production. With a unique supply and distribution network throughout Europe, EMMAC’s vision is to bring the life- enhancing potential of cannabis to those who need it.

EMMAC’s wealth of medical cannabis experience, combined with a network of supply and distribution partnerships throughout Europe and the UK, mean that it is uniquely positioned to meet the rapidly growing demand for cost-effective, consistent, premium quality medical cannabis products in the UK.